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Welcome to the Center for Human Development, Inc. Internet site.  Please review these site terms of use and privacy statements.  By using this site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms of use and privacy statements.  If you do not agree to these then do not use this site.  Our Internet site is owned, operated and hosted by the Center for Human Development, Inc.

Privacy Statement
We use our best efforts to respect the privacy of our online visitors.  At this site, we do not collect personally identifiable information from users unless they provide it to us voluntarily.  This means that you are not required to register or provide any information to view our site.

Personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, zip/postal codes, e-mails, etc. that are voluntarily submitted by users is solely viewed by the Center for Human Development, Inc. and at no time will any of this information be passed to a third party unless the person submitting the information authorizes us to share it or we are required by law.  

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Users of this site are prohibited from trying to bypass and or tamper with site security measures.  This includes but is not limited to scanning for vulnerabilities, flooding, spamming, forging TCP/IP packets, attempted access to our web servers and or submitting viruses to the site.

A "cookie" is a small text file that is used by a site so it can recognize repeat visitors, facilitate their ongoing access of the site, and to allow the site to track usage behavior.  We program our site to use "cookies" for tasks such as surveys.  Some of the sites to which we link may use "cookies".  For more information on their "cookie" policies please see their privacy statements and/or terms of use.

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Active X content relies on either ActiveX controls or computer code called a script to work properly.  We currently use Javascript within this site for certain functions.  Your browser security settings may be set to restrict these files by default, however these settings can be changed (check your browser documentation).  All Javascript within this site does not violate privacy in any way or compromise your computer's security.

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When a user visits this site, web servers collect technical information from the user's computer.  This information includes Internet Protocol address, browser type and which web pages were visited.  All of this information is stored in a log file and is typically used to help improve site performance and usability.  We do not sell this information to third parties of any kind.

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Our site does contain links to external sites and we are not responsible for the content and usage of those sites.  The privacy and terms of use for this site do not apply to external sites and we encourage you to read all privacy and terms of use pages for those sites.

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If you would like to link to the Center for Human Development, Inc. site please send an email to stating your name, title, organization and the reason you are requesting the link.

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Our site uses standard file formats like PDF and DOC for files that are available for download.  If your computer doesn't already have software to view these files please see our software download page for more information.

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Our site has been tested with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.  If you are using another browser and are experiencing problems with this site please email the webmaster.

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In order to receive government funding, the Center for Human Development, Inc. (CHD) is required by state and county policies  to charge for services it provides to the public.  However no one will be denied clinical services because of an inability to pay.  CHD does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, family status, age or disability.  For further information on this policy contact Human Relations, 541-962-8811 or TTY 1-800-735-2900 or 711.

The Center for Human Development, Inc. is a Tobacco-Free Zone.  Oregon law prohibits the use of all tobacco products in CHD buildings and on CHD property. 
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